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From basic machines for beginners to advanced machines for professionals, we have everything to meet your sewing needs. Sew ‘N Vac offers FREE lessons and one-on-one instructions on any sewing or embroidery machine purchased from us. We will not only help you pick the right machine for you, but we’re also prepared to teach you different kinds of sewing techniques in order for you to make the most out of your purchase.


Since 1872, HUSQVARNA VIKING® has been at the forefront of sewing innovation. Our goal has always been to spread the joy of sewing through high-end convenience and time-saving, cutting edge features. Enthusiast sewers all over the world associate the brand with high quality engineering, exceptional capability and innovative design.

Since 1851, the name Singer has been synonymous with sewing. The spirit of practical design and creative innovation that characterized the company at its beginning continues today as we develop products for every level of sewing. We have celebrated many firsts, including the world’s first zig-zag machine, the first electronic machines and we now proudly produce the world’s most advanced home sewing and embroidery machines.

Sewing Machines

Regardless of what level sewer you are, Sew ‘N Vac has a Sewing Machine just for you. Innovative enough to excite the advanced sewer, and user-friendly enough for beginners, our wide selection of machines is sure to delight and inspire. Home sewing machines are designed for one person to sew individual items while using a single stitch type. In a modern sewing machine, the fabric easily glides in and out of the machine without the inconvenience of needles and thimbles and other such tools used in hand sewing, automating the process of stitching and saving time.

Overlock Machines & Sergers

The perfect complement to your sewing room, Overlock Machines and Sergers combine ease of use with professional results. Precisely trim and bind ravel-free seams and add decorative finishes to your projects. You’ll wonder how you ever survived without one. Overlock sewing machines usually run at high speeds, from 1000 to over 9000 rpm, and most are used in industry for edging, hemming and seaming a variety of fabrics and products. Overlock stitches are extremely versatile, as they can be used for decoration, reinforcement, or construction.

Embroidery Machines

Embroidery machines create patterns on textiles. They can be used commercially in product branding, corporate advertising, and uniform adornment. They are also used in the fashion industry to decorate garments and apparel. Machine embroidery is used by hobbyists and crafters to decorate gifts, clothing, and home decor. Examples include designs on quilts, pillows, and wall hangings.

There are multiple types of machine embroidery. Free-motion sewing machine embroidery uses a basic zigzag sewing machine. Designs are done manually. Most commercial embroidery is done with link stitch embroidery. In link stitch embroidery, patterns may be manually or automatically controlled. More modern computerized machine embroidery uses an embroidery machine or sewing/embroidery machine that is controlled by a computer that embroiders stored patterns. These machines may have multiple heads and threads.

Quilting Machines

If quilting is your passion, you need a machine made for quilters. Sew ‘N Vac has an array of Quilting Machines that will elevate your craft, whether you are just starting out or honing your skills. From generous sewing space to bright LED lighting to exciting features like needle up/down, we have your quilting wishlist covered.

Service & Repair

Is your embroidery machine thread nesting, making too much noise while you stitch or not stitching at all? Are you having tension problems with your sewing machine? Bobbin issues? Bobbin winder issues? Our trained repair experts are ready to bring your sewing, embroidery or quilting machine back to tip-top condition.

We stock a large inventory of spare parts for sewing and embroidery machines. No matter which part is faulty on your machine, we’ll replace it for you. Our in-house technicians are always available to provide you with timely repairs. We service what we sell, and all others, too!

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Sew ‘N Vac SuperStore

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Phone: (865) 637-2338